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The Sales per Square Foot KPI measures how much sales revenue you are able to generate for each foot of retail space provided. Use the following formula. This chart graphically represents the data in the following table (all values are approximate). Year, Square Feet per $ in Retail Sales. , Subscription services, online and experiential retail have boomed in the last few years, but to what extent is retail science impacting sales? - BikeBiz.

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Want to boost sales for your retail business? Check out these resources to learn what you can expect in terms of average sales per square foot. The right way to use sales per square foot (Spsf) and why you might be using it wrong. How to increase spsf for your retail store. Sales per Square Foot is a helpful metric for retailers to understand the financial health and profitability of their retail locations.

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square feet of retail space. million sq. ft. Average asking rent advanced to $ per square foot Soaring sales benefit retail properties. Historical Sales Per Square Foot (by Category). SIC. Title. NAICS. Apparel Stores. Arts & Craft Stores. Auto Parts Stores. The measure of sales per square foot is used by businesses and retail stock analysts to measure the efficiency of a store's management in creating revenues.