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These countries are known as PCT Contracting States. Advantages of the Patent Cooperation Treaty. International Patent Protection. Patents only apply to limited. TCdata is an initiative of the World Bank Group's Macroeconomics, Trade & Investment Global Practice which helps countries achieve the Bank Group's twin. (1) The States party to this PCT Treaty (hereinafter called “the PCT Contracting States”) constitute a Union for cooperation in the filing, searching, and.

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For some EPC contracting states, patent protection on the basis of an international application can only be obtained via the European route, i.e. by entering. This reference guide provides translation & filing requirements for 50 of the most frequently filed PCT countries/jurisdictions. Patent offices in most countries in the world (currently totalling countries) signed a PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) in order to unify the processing.

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Many countries are members of the PCT, and you can file a foreign patent application in any of those member countries which claims priority to a PCT. The patent applications filed in individual PCT member countries — based on the PCT application — are generally referred to as “National Phase Applications. The Patent Cooperation Treaty – List of PCT Countries ; Country, WIPO Country Code, Codes for exceptions to the standard 30 month deadline ; Albania, AL, EPO.