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(FIN 46) and off-balance-sheet vehicles (FAS /). Figures reported in the H.8 Notes on the Data are generally used to make these adjustments. In general, ALM refers to efforts by a bank's board and senior management team to carefully balance the bank's current and long-term potential earnings with the. The management of liquidity risks of certain off-balance sheet items is of particular importance due to their prevalence and the difficulties that many banks.

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Arnaud Duchesne. Senior Manager. Business Risk. Deloitte. Page 3. The new regulatory landscape. Five years ago, the collapse of investment bank giant. Balance Sheet Management includes investment securities, BOLl, liquidity risk, and interest rate risk for national banks and federal savings associations. Better corporate customer relationships · Integrate customer needs Into the bank's strategic financial planning · Transform your data into intelligence · Manage.

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FIS' Balance Sheet Management Solutions give banks a centralized view of risk, liquidity, capital and profitability across the enterprise. Post GFC, regulators globally forced a reboot of bank balance sheets through stricter solvency requirements. Now, almost 15 years later, bank fundamentals have. Their bank earns profits. To do so, the bank must own a diverse portfolio of remunerative assets. This is known as asset management.