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A variety of technologies convert sunlight to usable energy for buildings. The most commonly used solar technologies for homes and businesses are solar. Solar is a great renewable energy choice and is playing in important role in how Duke Energy provides electricity to customers. Find out how. We are committed to growing clean energy and solar generation across the country. We now have over million solar panels powering roughly homes.

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Solar energy is energy from the Sun, which can be harnessed in several ways. Solar panels use the photovoltaic effect to generate electricity directly from. Energy, U.S. Department of Energy. Renewable Energy Information Sheet. Page 2. The payback period for an investment in a PV solar installation varies. Energy from the sun can supply usable power such as heat or electricity. Find information about solar energy technologies, ongoing research, policies and.

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Solar panels are made up of silicon. When sunlight hits a solar panel, electrons in the silicon begin to move, initiating a flow of electricity. This creates. Solar Energy is the energy from the Sun. The Sun is a big ball of heat and light resulting from nuclear fusion at its core. The nuclear reaction releases. Solar power works by converting energy from the sun into power. There are two forms of energy generated from the sun for our use – electricity and heat.