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As a contract analytical testing laboratory, R.D. Laboratories offers a wide range of chemical testing services. Our extensive experience with chemical. Contract Pharmaceutical Testing – Science on Demand MHRA and FDA approval ensure that the service you receive is at the very highest level for cGMP analysis. Certified Laboratories celebrated its 90th year in as a full service, will exceed the expectations you have for a contract-testing laboratory.

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Contract Testing Labs Maximize productivity. Minimize down time. Ensure the highest level of results for quality and safety testing at each point of the value. Contract Laboratory Analytical Services. Our scientists are experts in mass spectrometry, chromatography, physical chemistry and microbiology ensuring JC. Butterworth Laboratories provides independent, contract analytical chemistry services to the global pharmaceutical and related industries.

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Analytical Resource Labs (ARL) is an ISO accredited, DEA-licensed, and FDA-registered lab that offers microbiological and chemical services. Leading Canadian analytical testing laboratory for Pharmaceuticals, Natural Health Products, Cosmetics, Food, Herbals, Cannabis and Cleaning Products. Element's Life Sciences laboratories provide specialized, expert testing for the we are the premier contract antimicrobial testing laboratory and expert.